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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyTue Oct 16, 2012 7:10 am

Keep all topics PG-13 or PG rated.

No God Moding
(controlling other peoples characters or just doing something impossible or having an impossible to beat character.)

No spamming

No Metagaming
(this is when you as the player have knowledge of something your character doesn't and try to use it as your character. Ex: Fighting a Gorgon[the race medusa is] and you as a player know they turn to stone if they see their reflection but as a character you don't if you try to get them to see their reflection you will be warned and have your post deleted.)

Keep the swearing to a minimum.
(this means don't swear while out of character but if there is a point where you swear in character keep it small .)

Sexuality is prohibited in any way imaginable. Both posting actions, as posting pictures of this. What is allowed, is posting the fact that it occured, or indications of it having happened. Only with the concent of the other character and a Moderator or Site Owner.

No Necroposting
(Posting on topics that haven't been replied to for at least 4 weeks. Exceptions are if your character does something that isn't every day like a yearly shopping trip.)

No Double Posting.
(If you do, accidentally, then please delete your last post, and add it to your former post. On rare occasions, you can be allowed to do so, but contact staff to prevent getting nailed on it.)

When posting always post the actions of your character in third person form and speech will be noted with Quotation marks or post with asterisks around your actions and nothing around your text when your character speaks. But if you do that put your actions or speaking as a separate color.

==RP rules==

All players start with 5 Pokeballs and 1 starter. If you are a rocket member, aqua member or magma member you start with 5 Rocket Balls(rocket), magma balls(magma) or aqua balls(aqua) and 1 starter. Rockets, Magmas and Aquas get 1 pokemon from their team. Rockets usually get a rattata, bug-type or zubat, Magmas get a fire-type and aquas get a water-type.

You must make a topic to show your inventory in the player inventory topic and a topic showing your team in the pokemon teams topic.

Everyone starts with 3000 currency and this is what you use to purchase Items like pokeballs, potions, repels, etc.

A player can only get 2 legendaries total.The players must communicate and agree who gets what because there is only one of each.

Everytime you win a battle against another player you gain 500 currency.

If you lose a battle against a player you lose 500 currency. If you have no currency at the moment you will enter debt mode and get negative currency having to earn it back before you can pay the other player.

You will encounter wild pokemon as you travel through the regions. You can challenge a gym leader for more than just their badge. You may challenge them for their gym leader spot same for the Elite Four.

You cannot get Legendaries until you have 5 Badges of a region. Even then you can only can capture legendaries of that region or earn legendaries of that region.

Pokemon can only have 4 moves and each move has a PP system. If a pokemon runs out of PP it enters Struggle mode

Everyone starts in Kanto and has to make their way from there to any other region.

HM's will have to be found during the RP or earned.

You cannot use an HM outside of battle until you get the badge for it.

Some badges will affect your Pokemon stats.

Fossils must be found and taken to Cinnabar Island to get a pokemon from it.

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General Rules
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